Revolutionizing Healthcare in Kenya

Transforming healthcare with innovative technology solutions

About Afyabook

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Who We Are

Innovative healthcare technology company for enhancing quality of life


Promote equitable healthcare access through cutting-edge technology to reduce costs


Strengthen Kenya's health systems with intelligent software for better patient experience, population health, and cost reduction

Our Story

Welcome to Afyabook, an online platform dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare in Kenya. We provide pharmacy services, medication therapy management, remote patient monitoring, and doctors consultations all in one place

Our founder Dr. Ibrahim Okich, a former hospital pharmacist with close to ten years of experience working in JCIA accredited hospitals, observed that the healthcare industry's challenges can be solved by smart information technology systems. Driven by a passion for IT, he pursued software development and data science, which led to the birth of Afyabook

Our primary goal is to improve equity in healthcare across Kenya, driven by the high cost of healthcare and the loss of loved ones to preventable diseases. Our founder's personal experience with the healthcare system and the loss of his mother to cancer inspired the creation of Afyabook

We believe that we can improve the patient experience, improve population health, reduce healthcare costs, and promote healthcare team well-being by leveraging technology to provide efficient, effective, and safe software solutions in collaboration with healthcare providers

At Afyabook, we are committed to providing accessible healthcare to all. We understand that healthcare costs are a burden, and we are here to alleviate that burden. We offer a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs, saving you time and money while ensuring the best possible care

Join us in our mission to improve the healthcare industry in Kenya. Whether you need medication therapy management, remote patient monitoring, or a doctor's consultation, we are here to provide you with the care you deserve. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Kenyans, one patient at a time

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Why Now

  • Healthcare cost is on the rise

  • Prevention is always better than cure; prevent disease complications

  • Technology has made healthcare accessible and affordable

  • Better patient outcomes at a lower cost

Core Values

Efficiency and creativity

We test various ideas and pick the most efficient

Collaborative and partnership

We believe in coming together to solve challenges

Constant improvement

We focus on incremental improvement over time


We do our research to come up with innovative solutions


We provide leadership in health information Technology


We learn constantly to keep abreast of the changing world