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About Us

Afyabook is an online pharmaceutical marketplace platform that facilitates the marketing and provision of medicines and healthcare services in Kenya.
It connects healthcare providers and patients on a single platform to facilitate goodlife, Health and Well-being".
Discover and connect directly to pharmacies and other providers in Africa. Manage your healthcare information and leverage your data for better health.

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Browse or search the platform's vast selection of medical and non-medical products from various pharmacies. Add to cart, add a prescription if necessary, and then check out. When your order is received, the pharmacy will contact you


Upload your prescription by taking a picture of it and sending it to your preferred pharmacy on the platform to receive an instant quote. Select the county and the estate you are in and you will be able to see a list of pharmacies to order from


Access medication and medical providers from the comfort of your home, at any time and from any location.

Business profit

Why Now

  • Save on medication cost to reduce healthcare cost

  • Medication is responsible for 40-60% of healthcare expenses

  • Save time and energy while purchasing medication

  • Technology has made healthcare accessible and affordable

Why Us

Data driven

Helping you make better medication purchase decisions by providing the information you need

Tech driven

Skilled in technology and digital communication, presenting healthcare information in an easy format


Competent licensed healthcare professional offering medical services in Kenya within the platform

Patient Portal

A portal that stores your healthcare information, can be accessed at any time and from anywhere

Afyabook for Pharmacy

Are you a pharmacy interested in reaching new patients?

  • Reach patients in your area looking for medication and pharmacy services

  • Refill prescriptions and fill new prescriptions and quotations

  • Strengthen your online reputation with verified reviews

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Afyabook for Provider

Are you a healthcare provider interested in reaching new patients?

  • Reach patients in your area looking for a new provider

  • Fill last minute openings in your schedule

  • Strengthen your online reputation with verified reviews

Afyabook for Couriers

Do you want to deliver products to clients when they need them?

  • Earn extra money with your delivery business

  • You decide which deliveries to make

  • All you need is a car, bike, or motorcycle and a contract

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