Medication Therapy Management

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Medication Therapy Management

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The most common type of medical intervention is medication. However, studies suggest that up to 50% of drugs are not taken as recommended, and that pharmaceuticals are involved in 5-17% of hospital admissions, with up to 80% of them avoidable.


This is a confidential medication review with the pharmacist aimed at reaching a treatment understanding with the patient, optimizing the impact of medications, minimizing the number of medication-related problems, and reducing waste.


The foundation of good medicines management for patients is good medication review, which ensures that patients get the most out of their medications while minimizing risks and lowering waste.

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Why Now

  • Healthcare cost is on the rise

  • Medication is responsible for 40-60% of healthcare expenses

  • Prevention is always better than cure

  • Technology has made healthcare accessible and affordable

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Data driven

We use statistical software to harvest and communicate insights from obtained data

Tech driven

Skilled in technology and digital communication, presenting healthcare information in an easy format


Competent licensed healthcare professional offering medical services in Kenya within the platform

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Medication Therapy Management

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