Remote Patient Monitoring

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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What is Remote Patient Monitoring

The set of technologies and practices enabling healthcare providers to track real-time changes in a patient’s health data from a distance and use it in a treatment plan


Let's look at an example

For example, cardiac patients use portable devices or questionnaires to supply their care team with biometric data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels


Its value

The team can track this data to ensure the patient is recovering as expected or detect problems early and prevent complications


Data driven treatment adjustment to improve care outcomes

Reduce readmissions rate and cases of complications

Reduce emergency room visits

Improved patient satisfaction

Cut costs of care

Business profit

Why Now

  • Healthcare cost is on the rise

  • Prevention is always better than cure; prevent disease complications

  • Technology has made healthcare accessible and affordable

  • Better patient outcomes at a lower cost

Why Us

Data driven

We use statistical software to harvest and communicate insights from obtained data

Tech driven

Skilled in technology and digital communication, presenting healthcare information in an easy format


Competent licensed healthcare professional offering medical services in Kenya within the platform

Patient Portal

A portal that stores and visualize your submitted healthcare information, can be accessed at any time and from anywhere


Informative health data visualizations, reminders, medical education and doctor-patient interactivity tools (video, audio, or chat)

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